10 Important Facts About Surge Protectors You Should Know

Electrical disturbances like power surges frequently occur across the Sutherland Shire.

As a solution, technology has brought surge protectors to fight against these destructive surges. However, some people may know less about these devices and tend to be sceptical about them.

Surge protectors regulate the flow of voltage and act as a barrier that protects all your electrical components. Moreover, they can cut down your repair costs and improve the performance of your entire electrical system.

For further information, here are the ten significant facts about surge protectors to serve as a guide in case you are planning to get one.

1. Surge Protectors Secure Your Appliances

Surge protectors primarily protect your electronic devices against power surges. They filter and absorb excess current before it gets through your valuable appliances. Also, they can preserve the serviceable life of your equipment.

2. Guard Your Cable Lines

Surge protectors don’t only protect your electronic appliances; they also guard your cable lines. Surge protectors keep your electrical and communication lines safe from power spikes which generally comes from strong surges like lightning strikes and utility switching.

3. Multi-Layered Surge Protection

Surge protectors have three levels of defences. The first level of defence is on your main service entrance which protects against external surges. The next one is on your branch panel, guarding the appliances and circuits within your home. Likewise, the last level of defence links directly to your electronic devices, known as point-of-use surge protectors.

This layering protection can give your entire electrical system safety and security against electrical disturbances.

4. Know the Joule Rating

The joule rating in surge protectors tells you how much power it can absorb without harming your electronic appliances. The higher the rating, the greater the protection it can provide. Surge protectors with a joule rating of at least 400 are acceptable. But for much better security, you should look for a surge protector with a joule rating of 600 or more.

5. Response Time

A surge protector response time indicates how fast it can detect an electrical spike. It is ideal to have surge protectors which can respond for less than one nanosecond. 

Besides, a shorter response time means a shorter period of exposure for your appliances to surges. Thus, protecting your devices from the damaging effects of transient waves.

6. More Surges Equals Less Lifespan

Since surge protectors have limits on the power it can absorb, they will eventually wear out.  Some surge protectors have a warning system which shows if their protection drops below its safe level. 

Also, the lifespan of surge protector varies depending on how frequent surges occur in your area. However, some people would replace their surge protectors every two years or so.

7. Surge Protectors Differ from Power Strips

Surge protectors and power strips are two different devices. A power strip has multi-outlets and usually has circuit breakers. Although they are affordable, they don’t offer much protection to your devices since it is just a mere expansion to your wall outlets.

On the other hand, surge protectors offer a significant level of protection against transient surges. Also, they are relatively affordable, just like power strips.

8. Surge Protectors Offer On-Point Protection

Surge protectors with multi-outlets are convenient and powerful. They are popular because you can easily plug in your devices at the same time.  Also, you can choose from varieties of surge protectors with several outlets of which you prefer.

However, having more outlets do not guarantee better protection. It is essential to know if the outlets are right for your appliances first before you plug it in for safe and reliable protection.

9. Portable Surge Protectors

Some surge protectors are close to being universal. There are portable surge protectors that are fit for usage on your travel to specific countries. You can try to look for them in the market if you want to have one for your convenience. 

However, keep in mind that they don’t work in all countries. Some can only operate on countries with the same electrical standards.

10. Device Warranty Depends on the Manufacturer

There are several surge protectors present in the market, with different brands, rating and warranty. Some brands offer a much favourable device warranty, and that should be taken into consideration once having a surge protector.

A warranty means that you can replace your newly bought surge protector once it fails to perform its function. Some manufacturers offer a good warranty which will not only replace your surge protector but will also pay a specific amount for your damage electronic appliances.


Surge protectors are best in fighting against electrical transients. They are essential for the protection of your household devices and electrical components.

If you ever decide to use surge protectors for the safety of your appliances, Sutherland Shire Electricians is here to help you with its set-up. Our Level 2 electricians will perform a reliable surge protector installation service at your convenience.

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