10 Things to Know About Consumer Mains

As a homeowner who consciously consumes electricity, there are certain things that you need to  take note of. Electrical systems in your home should be taken seriously even during pre-installation and post-installation. Learn some things about your Consumer Mains and apply them to your household.

Invest in good Consumer Mains to mitigate any accidents and unexpected events regarding your power lines. Consumer Mains are the supply wires in your electrical system. They are the wires that distribute power into your home so you can power up all your devices that need electricity. Any mishap or fault in your Consumer Mains might spell out disaster for you. 

Here are 10 things you need to know about these parts of your power system:

Any power issues you have might stem from the Consumer Mains

Maybe you might have experienced your appliances not working well or a couple of outages overtime at home. This is usually connected to the Consumer Mains or the supply cable of your electrical system. Defects and faults gradually manifest over time due to constant use and as such, there might be a time where your electrical systems feel destroyed. They’re not. Sometimes there are just damages and faults from the supply cable.

Accidents can happen anytime

Due to the fact that supply cables are easily deteriorated, especially when not protected, accidents and injuries happen all the time. Be careful of electrical shocks or overheating situations of your wiring. Sources of liquid near your cables can also cause damages to the Consumer Mains. 

Constantly check and upgrade your consumer mains

Regular maintenance and checks of your Consumer Mains is a necessity. If there’s a need to replace them, do so. The cables might have deteriorated and sported damage in some parts. If the electrician suggests an upgrade to your wirings, it’s best to follow their advice. 

Physical damages are still probable regardless of protective armour

Protective armours should protect your Consumer Mains. However, it doesn’t protect these cables from moisture. Water pooling or any water source near the Consumer Mains can eventually damage the protective add-on. Make sure to constantly wipe down or check your armours protecting the Consumer Mains. 

Match your home’s power needs and the carrying capacity

Different homes have different electrical needs. Match the supply cables to be installed in your homes with the probably electrical appliances and devices that need it. The more devices you’ll have plugged in, the more specifications you’ll need to narrow down in choosing the type and size of your cables. Consult your electrician for this matter. 

Carrying capacity is not always stable

The carrying capacity of cables differs regardless of any indication. Installation of the wires is vastly affected by external factors. This is why it’s important to get a licensed electrician to build up your electrical system after your own personal projections regarding power consumption. The capacity of your cables should match your electrical consumption.

Cables deteriorate fast

With constant usage, Consumer Mains definitely deteriorate falser than expected. Annual or semi-annual maintenance checks can surface any potential damage or issues you’ll face regarding your supply cables. 

Always add extra protective devices to your Consumer Mains

Protective armours are available for your Consumer Mains, however, any additional cautionary step is always welcome. The type and the size of your cables are also big factors in the durability of your Consumer Mains. There are available options for extra coating or safety accessory upon installation. Options for the cable material can also add to the safety factor of the Consumer Mains in your home.

Install only high-grade cables or better cables

There are high-quality Consumer Mains that can consist of the cable and protective insulation property given by XLPE, XPE or PEX. It is the cross-linked polyethylene that serves as insulation for your Consumer Mains The properties include better thermal resistance and greater strength.

Only licensed electricians are allowed to install them

Licensed electricians are trained individuals who know how to handle your Consumer Mains. Only book licensed electricians to handle your electrical cables to make sure that your home is as safe as possible. 


Sutherland Shire Electricians are experienced and licensed electricians that can handle the installation and checkups of your Consumer Mains. As these supply cables bring energy to your home, it is better to have the experts handle them properly. Always maintain your electrical system to prevent future accidents at home. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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