Can I Do Electrical Fault Finding In My Home?

Negligence of electricity issues is a common mistake among many households. From disregarding flickering lights to faulty appliances, you are turning a blind eye from an electrical issue that is occurring at your home.

Finding faults and understanding how to correct them will most likely prevent you from having such electrical issues.

Most people are unaware that their electrical installations should be inspected for faults. A homeowner should allocate time once in a while to check for any potential electrical risks at home. That’s one of the best ways to identify problems early, and you can quickly fix the problem on your own or call in experts to fix the issue.

Moreover, electrical faults have the potential not only to cause significant damage to your home’s equipment but can also prove to be a fire risk. Finding an electrical fault is not complicated when there is an obvious problem. However, flaws aren’t always clear when it comes to specific installations such as wirings. Calling in experts to deal with the issue is much easier.

Hidden electrical problems can also be triggering fire within your walls. If you know how to spot the warning signs, you can make less expense on repairs that will also help protect your home. However, if you’re oblivious of the common faults at home, here are some of the electrical problems that you may have encountered.

Regular Circuit Breaker Tripping

Clothes dryers and air conditioners are some of the higher wattage devices in your home, using a huge amount of power. If you’re having a circuit breaker that trips regularly, look at what was being utilized when it tripped and remove the appliances one at a time to locate the defective unit from the circuit.

Overheating: Cause of Circuit Overloading

Perhaps this electrical failure is due to the use of multiple plugs from a single socket. An easy way to reduce this is to remove unused devices – such as phone chargers (even when not connected to the phone, they can draw power). Also, make sure you don’t overload one socket using multiple extension leads.

Power Surges Damaging Appliances

Faulty appliances and bad electrical wiring can cause electrical surges. Each wave lasts only a few seconds, but multiple surges can damage electrical appliances. If you encounter electrical spikes, try disconnecting appliances to see if this prevents them.

Harmful Electrical Shocks 

Although electrical shocks obtained at home are typically mild, they aren’t a pleasant experience. Usually, this happens when you plug appliances on electrical sockets. Try the appliance in another socket to test this, but be extremely cautious about getting another shock.

Unpleasant Light Bulbs Flickering

Flickering light fixtures can be an electrical fault and is probably due to a poor connection on the circuit. It may be better to call an electrician if isolating the damaged light is complicated.

Defective Appliances

If a plug-in electrical appliance isn’t operating, try the appliance in a different socket, if it works, then the socket has a fault, probably loose wiring. If it is still not working, try the appliance in a different circuit (this could mean on a different floor of the house) – this could mark a dead path. If it doesn’t fit in a fine socket, then test the cable plug and replace the fuse.

Defective Light Switches 

Light switches — specifically dimmer switches — that don’t function properly may indicate sub-standard devices, incorrect bulb type, or wiring fault. This can well require rectification by a skilled electrician.

Always follow safety codes before you start rectifying any electrical faults:

    • Shut off the main power at the electrical panel or fuse box 
    • Isolate the circuit on which you intend to operate by terminating the circuit:
      • Remove the fuse, or 
      • Turn off and lock the breaker 
    • Verify if the channel is dead using a voltage tester or socket tester

Prioritising Electrical Safety

If there are still electrical faults and you can not identify the source, then call a level 2 electrician from Sutherland Shire Electrician and take no risks.


Finding faults at home and giving immediate aid will help you avoid residential fire. Finding errors will also help you save money from your high electricity bill every month and to the repeated emergency repairs. Thus, it is vital to know the common electrical issues at home enable you to notice existing problems.

For more information about finding faults and emergency electrical repairs, contact Sutherland Shire Electrician for honest and affordable electrical services to every homeowner and business owner in Sutherland Shire.

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