Common Causes of Electrical Fire

Electrical fires are one of the most common accidents that occur. Moreover, it is one of the most common sources of danger and injury to many around.

This is why it is absolutely essential to always double-check and double look at your locations of your homes before departing. Any fire could break out and destroy your property in less than the time you can possibly imagine. From having your safe spaces, electrical fires can be an agent of destruction to your homes.

On top of being causes of damage to many properties, electrical fires also come from many grounds that are easy to overlook. These common causes of electrical fires are things that most of us are guilty of not knowing or not very mindful about. To be more aware of these causes, here are some of the often reasons why electrical fires break out from your homes:

Old sockets

Having old sockets at home means that those sockets where you plug your adaptors and appliances might have worn out with usage and age. Old sockets can catch fire because of loose connections and natural deterioration of your socket parts over time. Having circuit breakers or GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) won’t prevent old sockets from catching fires.

The best thing to do is to have a check on your sockets by your local electrician. Knowing any disintegration of sockets can then be detected. Afterwards, a replacement of those sockets can then be done to keep your house safe from fires.

Extension cord overload

Although extension cords serve their purpose of adding more sockets to appliances and gadgets that need to electricity, overloading your extension cords is a risky move. Your extension cords might have too much electricity running through it and essentially catching fire when there’s too much electricity flowing around. This can result to fire and might also destroy your gadgets too.

Don’t overload your extension cords. Unplug any appliances and gadgets not using the extension cord and always limit the number of appliances plugged in to avoid future damage and possibilities of fire resulting from extension cord overload.

Deteriorated wirings

Having deteriorated wirings is also a common cause of electrical fires. Especially for really old properties where the materials and the methods of wirings might be outdated, fires can easily cause entire wiring lines to burst in flames. Older wirings also have faster chances of being very worn out and becoming faulty for your homes. Protective covers or breakers might be there, but if your wirings are already in a state of deterioration, it is better to rewire them.

You can consult with your local electricians regarding the age of your properties and determining if those wirings need replacing ASAP. 

Faulty appliances

Sometimes, it’s not your house lines and electrical systems that are defective, but your gadgets, appliances, or devices that really have a deficiency which can cause terrible fires in your homes. This is why it’s important that before you buy and bring home any appliance, have it tested, double or triple check its warranty and extra check the conditions of those things before bringing them home. Any malfunction from the appliance can cause disasters to your families. 

Those faulty appliances can easily be at fault and cause your sockets, wirings or even your electrical systems to be at risk. It may result from loose parts in the appliance or there was any mishap when it was made, certain casualties can result once you plug it in a socket. 


Safety should never be out in a compromise. Your homes deserve to be as protected as you are at any time. Apart from constantly checking the state of your private spaces, you should not need to worry about extra concerns that are preventable.

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