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    Require electrical services in Como urgently? Sutherland Shire Electrician is here to help you with level 2 and emergency electricians!

    For over a decade, we have been providing Como residents and business owners with ongoing 24/7 electrical support to minimise your downtime without electricity. Electricity has become a fundamental part of our everyday lives that we would otherwise struggle without. Almost everything that we do involves electricity as a source of power, our computers, phones, appliances, light etc.

    When you choose Sutherland Shire Electrician, you won’t ever have to worry again. We provide every sort of electrical service that will benefit the community. Our fully trained electricians are capable of restoring your power immediately and providing you with the best value. Their invaluable advice and knowledge on the topic through their many years of practical experience are simply priceless. We cover a wide range of electrical work including:

    Hot Water System Como

    Never go without hot water in Como again. You won’t have to worry about having a cold shower during the winter. Our licensed electricians can check to make sure that your electrical hot water system is correctly fitted and connected. We are also able to install a new hot water system for you in Como if you require a replacement.

    Everything that you need to fix or install for a hot water system, we’ve got you covered around the clock. Save your energy, time and money and let one of our experienced technicians handle the job for you. You’ll also have a peace of mind with our guarantee and warranty on our services.

    Power Surge Protector Installation Como

    Not many people know what a power surge protector does and how they can benefit from it. It is important for any commercial space or household. It protects your electronic appliances and devices from a sudden and unpredictable high power wave due to abnormalities. Without a surge protector, your electronic devices would be overwhelmed by the spike in power and overheat to damage the silicon chips in the circuit.

    Our Como electrician can prevent this from happening by installing the latest power surge protector available to the public. It will save you in the long-run and protect your important files that have been stored on your electronic devices. Losing them could potentially cost you even more.

    Switch Repair Como

    Every building and electronic circuit has a switch to turn off and on. It is simply a gate that allows the electricity to pass through or not. When your switch is broken, you are no longer able to control the electricity flow. It is a common occurrence across residents and businesses. A replacement is often required to fix the switch due to structural damages that been done to the switch itself. Depending on the cause of faulty, our electricians are able to quickly resolve the issue and get your switch back in perfect and working order.

    Fusebox Upgrade Como

    Not many people know but fuseboxes and switchboards are important in providing your building with power. When these go down, your whole electrical system goes down along with it. It could be a while before you are able to gain power again. But thanks to the help of Sutherland Shire Electrician, we are able to avoid this from happening by upgrading your existing switchboard to a newer model that is capable of handling a high amount of electronic devices at once.

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