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    Electrical work is a specialised field that requires many years of practice, keeping up with the latest systems and certifications, to allow contractors to install electrical systems and take up space. Electricity, as we know, is delivered to our homes from the substations. Substations receive high voltage electricity that is usually divided into lower voltages before it is sent to the recipients.

    At Sutherland Shire Electrician, we provide all types of electrical services such as level 2 authorised electricians and emergency electricians in Cronulla. We deal with both commercial and residential electrical work from minor repairs to complete replacements and installations of mains entry point.

    Our licensed level 2 electricians are extremely experienced, reliable, efficient and proficient. We are accredited and authorised as part of the delivery of Ausgrid vital energy in every aspect of work.

    Overhead or underground services Cronulla

    As an authorised level 2 service provider, our Cronulla electricians can enter, repair, maintain an overhead or underground service line between the customer’s mains and the power system. This includes separating and re-connecting existing rooms from the system, inserting power measurement devices and connecting service lines to the system.

    Private powerline replacement Cronulla

    When you have a private powerline on your property, you are legally responsible for its maintenance and security. Power lines become the responsibility of the customer when they are connected to the system. Our certified electricians can help you repair or replace your power lines and can deal with your electric cables, support arms, targets and replace wooden blocks if necessary.

    Repairs of UV damaged consumer main Cronulla

    Cable lines are an essential element of the network. Broken wires should be given high importance. Unprotected cables due to UV damages will cause faulty power from passing through. We can perform major patches such as covering damages or extended protection.

    Consumer mains maintenance and repair

    An unsecured mains power supply with damaged components can cause electrical problems. At the beginning, they can be extremely simple, but they can be even more horrible when they are immobilised. Connect with our reliable and honest level 2 professional in Cronulla. We can make corrections to the moments to ensure well-being and safeguard your home from future electrical problems.

    Single-phase mains to three-phase mains upgrade Cronulla

    This is a pain when you need to use gadgets, but they are not ready for operation as a result of unsatisfactory power supply arrangements to provide more power. This can be completely resolved by upgrading your single-phase mains to three-phase mains. A qualified level 2 electrician is required and authorised to carry out this work which complies with the standards in NSW.

    Contractual services Cronulla

    You can also sign an annual contract with an electrical contractor with a level 2 license for the maintenance of electrical and peripheral equipment. Customers in the residential, rural, commercial and industrial segments can benefit from this when signing an annual contract, the total cost is lower and includes all electrical faults.

    Fixing of overhead power lines Cronulla

    Overhead power lines with a voltage of 500,000 volts are generally not insulated. Substations and transformers contain “live” parts that are treacherous. Therefore there is a need for proper fixation from an accredited electrician.

    If you need installations and repair of electric devices in the Cronulla area, contact our authorised electrician from Sutherland Shire Electrician. They will try to make sure you are completely satisfied with the installation of the power poles and any repair work you may need.

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