How to Install a Consumer Unit

Consumer units are essential devices for your home. It is a device that distributes electricity to your circuits and as such, it should be built-in properly and cautiously to your electrical system. You can always call your local electrician to install the Consumer Unit for you, however, it is fairly more simple to install if you follow some steps and instructions properly. It’s best if you also get an expert licensed electrician to do it for you for full proper installation.

There are simple steps in building in the Consumer Unit near your electrical meter. After this, you can test the power outage of your home to make sure that everything is functional and in a place where your Consumer Unit is concerned. As Consumer Units are the centre points of your home’s wiring systems and power distribution, be cautious in installing and maintaining it.  

These are steps on how to install your Consumer Unit:

Turn off the power supply first

Before starting any installation steps, it is a necessity to turn off the power supply. No electricity or power currents should be running through wires while the installation is going on. Accidents and unforeseen events might occur if loose power is running through any wiring or any present device in the household. Turn it off and have it on only after the installation has begun.

Check the area of installation

Make sure that the area of installation for the Consumer Unit is safe and secured enough for the installation. Put away anything that can cause accidents and clean up the area near the power meter. This is usually where the Consumer Unit is installed for the current recording of your home. Wipe and dry the area. No water source should be near the installation to avoid danger.

Check the parts of the equipment

For the Consumer Unit, the device should have all the parts present. Double-check switches and buttons. Make sure that the wirings are long enough and are in place along with wall containment or placeholders. Rails and busbars should be installed fitly with the Consumer Units. Everything should be in place. Make sure all tools are present for assembling and putting the Consumer Unit in place. It’s best to have screws, screwdrivers and plugs nearby. 

Clip Main Switch in place

Put the Main Switch in place along the rail. This device is the one controlling the power coming into and out of your home. If you turn this off, there will be no electricity running through. This is the switch that puts electricity into your home. Install it well. 

Clip the Circuit Breakers

Following the installation of the Main Switch on the rail, place the Main Circuit Breakers along the rail too. These devices are responsible as a preventive measure in case there are overloads and overcurrents running through your electrical system. It automatically shuts down in any case of detection of power overrun going through the wires. 

Clip the Residual Current Devices

Put the Residual Current Devices in place. It should be along with the Main Switch and the Circuit Breaker. In a sense, in one long rail, the Main Switch, Residual Current Device and the Circuit Breaker should be in a horizontal line placement. 

Put in live cable, neutral cable and earth cable in place

Connect the live and neutral wires in the specified places of the Consumer Unit. Make sure to connect them well. Avoid cutting the wires too long or too short. The wires should be just right to prevent any complication coming in from the power supply. Connect the live cable on top of the Circuit Breaker. On the other hand, connect the neutral cable to the Residual Current Device. Lastly, put the earth cable in the Main Switch. 

Double-check the installations

Make sure to double-check all the cable connections and the loose screws and bolts. Everything should be tightly and securely in place before turning the power supply back on.


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