Laws and Requirements for Power Pole Installation in Australia

Just like any other country, Australia has laws and requirements before households and business establishments can install their private power poles inside their premises.

Building and maintenance of public power poles are the responsibility of the electricity suppliers. The law requires them to establish and create a network to transmit power for everyone. However, there are instances when residents want to build their own electric posts. 

And why do they want that? It is to ensure that their connection is free from street hazards such as car accidents and intense typhoons. Furthermore, they want to get rid of the unpleasant sight of the hanging wires in their properties’ area for pure aesthetics.   

So, if you consider installing one inside your backyard or premises, you can always ask for Sutherland Shire Electricians. But, you need to fulfil and learn first the laws and requirements in power pole installation in Australia. And here is a quick guide for your reference: 

Get Permits

You need to ask for permission to your power supplier — Ausgrid for Sutherland Shire — before installing a personal pole. Authorities needed to ensure that your property is qualified and safe for installation through an on-site inspection. Moreover, they will orient you on your responsibilities, as stated under the law.  

Once they approve the request and give you the permit, then it is time to call for licensed level 2 electricians for installation.   

Choose the appropriate pole

There a variety of poles to choose from depending on the budget, lifespan, and serviceability. Here are some of the common pole materials available in Australia:

  • Hardwood timber

    • Cost: $600-$900
    • Lifespan: 15-25 years
    • Pros: It is the cheapest choice and has a longer lifespan than steel.
    • Cons: Since it is a wood, termite attacks might often happen.
  • Galvanised steel

    • Cost: $800-$1100
    • Lifespan: 10-15 years
    • Pros: Unlike timber, termites will not affect its composition. 
    • Cons: Corrosion might occur before its expected end-date.  
  • Titan Composite

    • Cost: $1200-$1500
    • Lifespan: No limit
    • Pros: It is not affected by termites, rusts and fires. 
    • Cons: It is the most expensive of the three choices. 

Excavate and clear the surroundings

After choosing the appropriate pole type for your needs, it’s time to prepare your property for the installation. There are rules set by experts and professionals according to the pole material, soil condition, environmental factors, and many more. 

You can always ask your electrician on how you should approach the preparation period. Or you can learn the Specification for Pole Installation and Removal, which the Ausgrid prepared for in-depth understanding. 

Power pole installation

After the clearing and preparation, the most crucial process is the pole installation. Accredited Level 2 electricians should have the proper tools and equipment to mount the electric post. And they must follow the NSW Service and Installation Rules to avoid faults and accidents during and after the operation. 

For verification, power suppliers will visit and inspect the installed pole to check if it meets the proper requirements. Once they give the green light, you can now freely use your pole for electricity generation. 


From time to time, you need to check the pole for faults. Power suppliers recommend checking it at least once a year or when a natural hazard occurs — typhoon and earthquake. Since its maintenance is your responsibility, you can always ask for emergency electricians to examine it. Or you can look for these signs yourself:

  • Rusts are present.
  • There are hanging wires. 
  • The pole is leaning.
  • Termite attacks timber pole.
  • There are buzzing sounds and flickering lights in your pole. 

These are indications of electric hazards, so don’t hesitate to call for an electrician to check if your pole is still safe. 


There are many private pole owners in Australia because it provides an aesthetic appeal, and divert hazards from the streets. Before deciding to install one, study and learn first the laws and requirements presented in this article. 

And if you settle to have one, you can always contact the Sutherland Shire Electrician. Considered as the best power pole installation service provider in the region, you will surely have no regrets. We are authorised by Ausgrid to operate and meet the power demands of the Sutherland Shire residents. 

Your satisfaction is our concern too! Call us now at 02 9133 4354 or book your appointment on our website. 

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