Power Strips Versus Extension Cords: Which is Better?

With the numerous types of electrical accessories present in the market, people tend to mistake one from another, such as power strips and extension cords. These tools may seem similar, but they are two distinct devices.

Nowadays, most people in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney uses either a power strip or an extension cord for aid on specific electrical issues. However, they may often confuse themselves on the function of each one.

Hence, we will look into the purpose of these electrical accessories and find out which will be a better solution for your electrical concerns.

What Are Power Strips and Extension Cords?

Power strips and extension cords both provide a passage of electricity to your appliances. They may be similar to this function, but they are totally different from each other.

Power Strips

A power strip is a tool which lets you have extra outlet space for your appliances. It enables a single wall outlet to handle multiple devices. Aside from having several sockets, a power strip also includes a circuit breaker and a small on-off switch. Its circuit breaker serves as a protective measure in case a power overload or short circuit occurs.

Moreover, a power strip is the best use for multiple appliances place in proximity to one another. Since most outlets in households and commercial spaces only consist of two sockets, having additional strip will be more convenient.

On the contrary, a power strip is suitable only on devices with low power loads such as computers, phone chargers and lamps. It is not preferable for connection with heavy-load appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves and space heaters. Moreover, it has a voltage rating which indicates the maximum safe power a strip can handle.

Although a power strip can run throughout the day, it cannot be a replacement for your standard home outlets since they don’t have the same capacity. Besides, using a power strip on your appliances for days or weeks can lead to electrical breakdown.

Extension Cords

An extension cord or power extender is a long flexible electrical cable with at least one socket at one end and a plug at the other. Its primary function is to extend an electrical outlet to a distant electronic appliance and provide power through the cords.

Moreover, extension cords come in different sizes and lengths. Its wire thickness affects the amount of current it can carry and the heat it can produce. Also, its length is inversely proportional with how much voltage gets through your electronic appliances. The longer the cords, the lesser the amount of power delivered to your devices.

Generally, most extension cords are suitable for indoor usage. Some are also fit for outdoor use, depending on the type of cord. However, it is essential to take note of the proper usage of extension cords on outdoor purposes since they can be highly sensitive to snow and water.

Additionally, extension cords are only for temporary wiring purposes. You should never use them as a permanent solution. If an extension cord is present in your permanent electrical wirings, you may have to consider updating your cabling system. You can call a certified electrician to help you install the needed wirings and receptacle for a long-term solution.

Which is the Better Tool?

To simply put, power strips are ideal for use when you want to have multiple sockets from a single outlet. At the same time, extension cords are best for extending out an electrical source towards a distant appliance since they can come in lengthy sizes.

A power strip is an ideal tool used for computer systems with routers and printers, and entertainment areas with multiple visual and audio equipment. On the other hand, an extension cord is best for devices placed away from a standard outlet, and temporary electrical setup such as outdoor or indoor events.

Both power strip and extension cord provide a solution to particular electrical concerns. They can work better when used effectively and handled accordingly.


Whether you utilise an extension cord or a power strip, it is always essential to put your household and building’s safety first. Both of these tools can work best when appropriately used and solve your simple electrical issues. However, always know that these tools are not for permanent usage and can cause electronic destruction when mishandled.

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