The Advantages of Using LED Light

Several years ago, the lighting industry introduced LED bulbs for a technologically advanced lighting system.

LED bulbs gained popularity in the market because of their significant advantages, leading to their widespread usage in the Sutherland Shire.

Light-emitting diode, also known as LED, has semiconductor components which generate light when acted upon by electrical current. Its modern structure has captured an enormous amount of attention from many people.

Correspondingly, LEDs are slowly changing the way people think about lighting since its emergence. Traditional light bulbs are no longer favourable to use when compared with this new lighting technology.

You may or may not know this, but LED lights offer several significant advantages when compared with traditional bulbs. To give you further ideas, here are some of those advantages.

Long Operational Life

The most significant advantage of using an LED bulb is its long operational life. An average LED can run for approximately 50,000 hours or more. They can work significant times longer than other light globes available in the market.

Moreover, since LEDs can operate longer, you won’t have to worry about replacing your light bulbs frequently. Less frequent replacement of bulbs means lower maintenance costs and fund savings.

Energy Efficiency

LEDs are the most energy-efficient light bulb present in the market. They consume a lesser amount of electricity compared to traditional light globes. Hence, working on low voltage electrical systems will not be a problem for LEDs. 

Likewise, LEDs use about 80-90% of the energy supplied to create light. Its efficient energy production allows you to achieve significant energy cost savings.

Additionally, LED bulbs can operate with a lower temperature since they generate lesser heat than other light globes, making them safe to touch and ideal for heat-sensitive areas usage.


Unlike traditional light bulbs, LEDs do not contain filaments or glass elements which are generally sensitive to blows and impacts. LED lamps usually consist of high-quality translucent plastics and aluminium, which makes them durable and resistant to shocks and vibrations.

Furthermore, LEDs are highly receptive to a varying range of temperatures. They can effectively operate under severe weather conditions which make them suitable for outdoor use.


Producing an LED does not require using toxic materials such as mercury. This hazardous substance can contaminate the environment and is generally not good for your health. Fortunately, LEDs are 100% mercury-free and recyclable, which helps in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Dimming Capability

LEDs dimming capability lets you control the brightness level of your bulb from full power to low light. Furthermore, operating your LED globes at lower brightness make them more efficient since a reduce in occurs when dimming lights. Dimming also helps in increasing the total lifespan of your LED bulbs.

Colour Temperature Range

Technology has brought us various colour temperatures of LED lights. They come in warm, cool, natural and daylight. Moreover, LED light has a range of colours, from soft yellow to bright whites.

In essence, LED colour temperatures give you the advantage of choosing your preferred shade of light. You can have warmer tones for indoors and have cooler colours for workrooms or outdoor lightings of which you prefer.

No Warm-up Time

Unlike traditional bulbs which usually take up much time to light up with all the flickers, LEDs will give you an instantaneous light once turned on. You won’t have to wait for a few moments for your bulb to produce light. LED globes can provide full brightness instantly without further delays.


Overall, a light-emitting diode is advantageous in several aspects. It is a remarkable technology which is rapidly becoming the best option for lighting residential and commercial areas. For that reason, having LEDs light up your household or establishment will let you experience its significant advantages.

If you have come into a decision of installing your LED lightings at home, do not hesitate to call Sutherland Shire Electrician for help. Our team of experts and Level 2 electricians will perform electrical-related services anytime you need it. We offer various services such as LED lightings installation, electrical maintenance and fault finding.

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