Top 5 Outdoor Lighting Designs of 2020

A lush backyard or impeccable landscape is pride to many Sydneysiders.

You’re pulling all the stops to make your outdoors look first-rate, but its beauty is hidden at night. That’s why outdoor lighting is essential to highlight your hard work at nightfall.

Aside from the aesthetics it provides, outdoor lighting gives a clear view of the curves and obstacles on your pathway. Also, a well-lit outdoor illuminates dark corners and discourages any criminal activities in your premises. Thus, offering a sense of security for your family.

On top of everything, your outdoor enjoyment will surely continue while the sun is setting. With outdoor lighting, fulfilling an exceptional outdoors at night won’t require you to put gas lamps and candles. All you need to do is to flick the switch.

Are you wondering what lighting designs can fit in your outdoors? Remember that lighting designs should work well with the forms and functions of your outdoors.

That said, let’s break pieces by pieces what are the top five outdoor lighting designs of 2020.

1. Retro Light Design

The trend of outdoor lighting brings back the hundred-year-old retro design that’s still unmatched. Many houses prefer to use the look of old halogen bulbs. Stores have a new retro LED version.

Using retro LED lights to cope with the fashion and trendy style of your outdoors has a lesser environmental impact. LED bulbs can last for up to 11,000 hours compared to the 1,000 hours life span of an incandescent bulb. 

Moreover, retro design for your outdoor lightings is becoming a wider trend for 2020. You can pair your glowing retro bulbs with the 1920s furniture and metallic neutral colours in your backyard. And you have the design that never goes out of style.

2. Accent Light Design

If you need sun-like lighting at night, then accent light design works for you. The accent lighting highlights each hardscape feature in your garden, such as stacked stone walls, bench seating, water features, and garden posts.

Furthermore, this design provides both ambient lighting as well as visibility. It brightens wall surfaces and even enhances wall textures, posts and pillars.

3. String Lighting

Under the open sky at night, add some strand of string lights overhead to add warm, comfortable starry glow. Also, string lights can provide a firefly-like swarm when running in your trees or walls. 

The string lighting is always a popular trend in your landscapes as well. It’s always easy to place this kind of lighting underneath, overhead and anywhere you want it. Such a design can provide a subtle glow for a picturesque scene in your landscapes and open courtyard.

4. Industrial Design

The industrial lighting has become famous for the past years, and the trend continues for 2020. It gives a chance for people residing in urban areas to cope with the trendy outdoor design. Also, lights that are out in the markets incorporate more new elegant metals that suit the modern design.

Moreover, industrial lighting design works well with earthy materials and granite pavements. The geometric shapes and metal designs also play a significant role to achieve the fashion your looking forward.

The industrial lighting gives you an ultimate modern look of your outdoors. Residing in the city gives you the advantage to quickly achieve this impeccable outdoor with industrial lighting design.

5. Smart Lighting

While the rest of the lightings highlight the forms it provides, smart lighting is more on the functionality of the light to your outdoors. It’s all about the idea that you can control your whole outdoor lights using your smart home assistant.

You can always automate your lights on and off wherever you are with a single click in your phone, tablet or computer. The automatic changes in your lightings let other people think your home even you’re not. Thus, it provides another level of safety to your family and home.

Furthermore, using smart lighting allows you to specify lighting zones and what lights should turn off. And smart lighting also allows you to sync the lights with the mood or music you’re playing.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Outdoor lighting designs have different trend ever year. For this year, the retro, accent, string, industrial and smart lightings top the fashion of outdoor designs. The lighting trends change very quickly, and it’s better to choose the trend that matches your outdoors readily.

Moreover, lighting is an essential piece of your outdoors for a brighter and safer surrounding. Also, choosing what lighting designs stunningly suits your outdoor is a personal choice. Thus, it reflects your personality and how you express yourself.

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