Types of Outdoor Light Fixtures

It’s a pleasure and pride for every Sydneysiders to have stunning landscapes and gardens. But when it’s gloomy outside, lighting becomes essential in transforming a perfect nightly version of your garden. 

With this, light fixtures are what you need in decorating your outdoors to level up what simple lighting can only provide. Moreover, light fixtures can enhance your whole place even there’s an oasis of light illuminating your yard and garden at night. It also adds a sense of security for your home aside from the beauty it illuminates.

However, there’s a lot of options for light fixtures to suit your garden and home exterior. That said, here are the types of outdoor light fixtures to feature your garden and home exteriors at night.

Outdoor Sconce Lights

Most outdoor sconce lights are wall-mounted. Although it varies in colour, design and size, all of the sconce lights are attachable to a vertical wall surface. Such type of fixture is best for lighting up accident-prone areas such as your exterior pathways, walkways or stairways.

Also, the sconce light fixtures provide many shape options to beautify your areas such as lantern, candle, half-moon and more. Fixtures of such type include flush and semi-flush mounts, barn lights and even bulk headlights.

The theme of outdoor sconce lights varies from traditional, modern to the rustic style. There are many options with this fixture, and it’s best to choose those that can withstand heavy weather. It should also match with your home exterior elements. 

Path and Step Lights

Path and step lights brighten up spaces where you need to see exactly where you’re going. The lighting of walls beside the stairs or on the vertical face of the stairs is becoming popular and stunningly-lit.

Such light fixtures improve visibility while they should always come along with appearance and safety. You can use these type of lights without disregarding beauty over safety. 


Spotlights are typically present in accent lighting and landscaping to offer a direct and focused beam of light in specific areas or objects. You can use spotlights to showcase your beautiful garden or feature the flower beds.

Furthermore, it also often illuminate walls, patios, trees, pools and other architectural features in your home. The wide array of spotlights can project uplights and downlights that create the best design in your home. 

The direction of the spotlight is essential to effectively create patterns on walls and bring your garden into life.


Floodlights provide wide-spanning lighting that stretches to your whole exterior and illuminates hidden nooks. With such light, it improves the security of your household and yards. 

Also, some of them have motion sensors that would turn on when it detects humans and other animals. The motion sensor only works at night and turns on for 20 minutes when it detects someone in your patio or driveways.

Although it’s not the best when it comes to aesthetics, this type of fixture offers a great deal in terms of safety to your family and property.

Bollard Lights 

Bollard lights are poles with a light right at the top. These can have different sizes and shapes that can suit the design of your home exterior. Mostly, these lights have no light shield or cover.

Also, it’s the only outdoor light fixtures that shine in every direction of your entire garden or yard. It can tolerate harsh weather condition as well, thus very viable in any place around your home.

Portable Lights

While light fixture means fixed in position to your outdoors, portable lights offer new wireless and transferrable lighting. Its temporary installation illuminates the greater extent of your garden as well as the unreachable zone when there are parties and gatherings.

Also, portable lights are controllable via Bluetooth that are ready to the beat of your dance party. Other versions of this light can change colour and play music, which adjusts to your changing mood.

Hanging Lights

Any light swaying and dangling on your ceilings are considered hanging lights. It includes the pendant, drop or suspender light, and string lights. These lights are mostly decorative for your outdoor kitchen, patio dining and foliages. 

Hanging lights come into different themes like rustic, transitional, contemporary and more. Hanging string lights above your garden or patios, you can enjoy a more subtle glow for a picturesque scene. 


Outdoor light fixtures can transform the exterior spaces of your home. The different types of light fixtures can illuminate the ceiling, patio, driveways and the hidden nooks oy your outdoors. It creates a welcoming ambience as well as a sense of security to your home and family.

Choosing the best outdoor light fixtures, in effect, reflect your style and fashion before visitors can even enter your home. Installing the best outdoor lighting can brighten your way home during the night, and provides a relaxing scenery after a tiring day at work.

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