How to Wire and Change a Light Switch in Australia

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    There are times when you need to wire a light switch after it malfunctions. And you have no other choice but to call for help from an electrician.

    Light switches are the keys to a well-lit and secured property. And as what people say, a bright home is a happy home. However, lighting fixtures are also prone to damage. If you notice that your lights are dimming or sparkling, then it is a sign of a faulty light connection. 

    Moreover, burn marks in a light switch is also a manifestation of damaged connections. Thus, it might be the best time to replace it. However, take note that the Australian law does not allow you to wire and change the light switch yourself. You need to contact emergency electricians to replace it for you. 

    This article will provide you with information on how electricians wire and change a light switch.  

    When to wire and change a light switch?     

    Before purchasing a new light switch, it is essential to ask yourself first the purpose of wiring and changing it. Listed below are some common reasons:

    Exposed wires

    Sometimes, old and unmaintained buildings have exposed lighting sockets and wiring. They are unpleasant for the eyes and electrical hazards at the same time. Contact from live wires can cause an electrical shock or worse a heart attack.   

    Dimming and flickering lights

    When you notice unusual activities from your lighting fixtures and the bulbs are not the problem, then there might be wiring faults present in the lighting circuit. It can cause wires to explode, and appliances to break. Furthermore, it can put holes in your wallet since irregularities in current flow can increase electric bills. 

    Light switch upgrade

    Most Australian homeowners opt for a modernised setting. And as one of them, you might want to rely more on a convenient approach for light switches. And that is through wireless switch installation. Wireless switches adjust your lights through smartphones or a remote. It will save you the time and effort from actually standing up and pressing the switch. 

    How to change and wire a light switch in Australia?

    Again, you are not allowed to wire and change a light switch. So call for an electrician if you experience problems regarding your light switches. Below is a step-by-step process on how electricians change and wire a regular light switch.  

    1. Turn off the switchboard. Cut off all the electric flow inside the building through the switchboard. 
    2. Open the switch cover. Using screwdrivers, remove the switch cover and test for current flow.  
    3. Remove the switch. After making sure that no electricity is flowing, unscrew the switch from the wires.  
    4. Look for faults. Inspect problems on the connection first before installing the new switch. If there are no faults, then proceed to switch installation. 
    5. Make sure the exposed end-wires are long enough for the switch. Straighten the wires and strip insulation when necessary. 
    6. Connect the wires and the switch. For grounding, attach the green terminal screw of the switch and the green wire. Lock them together by tightening the screw. Then, connect the other terminal screws with the circuit wires the same way.
    7. Secure the connection. If there are exposed wires, secure the connection with a wire nut. 
    8. Mount the switch. Carefully push the switch into the box and align the plate with the screw holes. 
    9. Screw the plate. Use screws to tighten the plate against the wall and put back the cover.  
    10. Turn on the switchboard. Return the current by turning on the switchboard and test if the switch is working.     


    There’s no more satisfying than relaxing in your place at night and appreciating the lights around your home. But due to unforeseen events, your lighting connection is also susceptible to damages. You have no other option but to call for an electrician because Australian laws do not permit regular residents to wire and change a light switch. 

    Choose an efficient and quick lighting switch repair and installation, choose Sutherland Shire Electrician. We are a team of level 2 electricians who have dedicated our services to provide to each of Sutherland Shire residents’ electrical needs. With just call away, expect that we will be at your doorsteps right away.

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